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Most popular Martinique beaches and how to get to them

The Martinique Island is a Caribbean paradise and a popular travel destination choice of many tourists. This beautiful place is about 80 km long, and it has everything you would expect from a perfect vacation or a holiday on the beach. The island has many quiet white-sand beaches with more than 360 restaurants and bars. Some of those restaurants offer French cuisine dishes with a Caribbean twist. You can enjoy a range of local delicacies sitting at a canopied table just a few steps from the Caribbean Sea.

What is the best way to get to Martinique beaches

If you travel from abroad, in most cases, you will have to take a flight to Fort-de-France. From there, you will need transportation to get around. Some people take a taxi to get to various destinations, but it’s not always the best means of transportation in case you want to explore the island beaches as much as possible. Taxi rates between the airport and hotels vary from 50€ to 65€ (depending on a route). If you want to take a general tour of the Island, you will have to negotiate a price with a taxi driver. Frankly speaking, touring by taxi is expensive, and it can be easily corrupted by the whims of cab drivers.

Travelling in a rental car

On Martinique, there are also regular 40-passenger buses that can take you anywhere within the city limits, and 9-passenger minivans that offer flexible routes. Taxis collectifs depart from Fort-de-France, and they are considered to be the most affordable means of transportation on the island. However, the buses are usually crowded and uncomfortable. Moreover, taxis collectifs don’t run according to a certain schedule, so it’s a good option only if you are adventurous enough.

If you want to travel in comfort, follow your own schedule, and see as many places as possible - rent a car. At the Enterprise, we offer various vehicles for rent at affordable prices. You can pick up one of our rentals at the airport and forget about transportation problems till the very end of your stay on the island.

Road trip with the family

Most popular Martinique beaches

Martinique has more than 30 beaches, and each one of them has its own unique tropical beauty. Some beaches have exotic jet-black sands while others feature white sands. They vary by region. North beaches face blue waters of the Caribbean and have rich black sands that appeared owing to the volcanic activity in the past. Together with the emerald green hills, the area offers beautiful color contrasts. Some of the most popular North beaches are Anse Céron, Anse Bonneville, Playa Saint Pierre.

Plage des Salines is the most famous, picture-perfect, white-sand beach on the south coast. It’s a good place for family holidays as the water here is usually calm and great for swimming. If you move along the south coast, you will also see a lot of other nice beaches like at Le Diamant, Cap Chevalier, and Anses d’Arlets. Sea beds on the South are excellent for scuba diving and underwater explorations.

Eastern beaches are known for their rugged and trough shores. They are located on the Atlantic side of Martinique. Their waters are turbulent but the magnificent landscapes make the area perfect for exploration. Most vacationers get stunned by the beauty of the eastern beaches.

With the help of a rental car from the Enterprise, you can travel to any beach you like or visit all hot spots on the island. Contact us and provide us with the details of your visit. Our representatives will prepare a vehicle for you and make sure you enjoy driving it till the very end of your stay on the Martinique island.