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Breaking down the myths about electric car travelling

Smooth driving, quiet running and improved safety are only a few of features which spring to mind when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs). Battery-powered cars are known for producing no tailpipe emissions and, thus, transforming the world into a greener place. That is why they have already brought about an electric revolution that will change the way things are. With all their eco-friendly features, EVs are expected to replace conventional petrol/diesel cars while making our travelling safer.

Although electric vehicles continue gaining immense popularity all over the world, there are many naysayers claiming that their benefits are rather questionable than reasonable. The tendency of spreading these far-fetched ideas becomes clear if we consider traditional car makers and fossil fuel companies. The thing is, a myriad of petrol car manufacturers will be at risk of losing billions of dollars and going out of business if EVs prove their advantages to all of us. Let’s have a deeper insight into these assumptions and debunk the most common myths about green vehicles.

Charging a car battery

Limited range of an electric-vehicle battery

It is often said that the range of an EV battery may cause serious inconvenience to drivers by not allowing them to travel more than 100 km on a single charge. However, some manufacturers have already made dramatic progress by improving the capacity of their batteries and reducing the number of your visits to charging stations. Now there are vehicles which can cover the distance of up to 500 km on a single charge. And this range is expected to be improved for all EVs with time.

Time-consuming charging

With scores of technologically advanced stations popping up in cities, the recharging process can be done in an hour or even faster. EV owners no longer need to spend the whole day waiting for the 100% range. What is more, there are special charging points which enable you to charge your car at home or while travelling. So, it’s not about any inconvenience anymore.

Eco fuel and green car

Disposal of EV batteries

Lithium-ion batteries do have some impact on the environment, especially when damaged. Therefore, it’s of paramount importance to make sure they are properly reclaimed. Nowadays, local authorities all over the globe are building recycling facilities to deal with worn-out EV batteries and get the most out of their valuable materials. All these measures are taken to ensure safety by minimising their environmental impacts.

The long tailpipe

Some people claim that driving an electric vehicle cannot be an eco-friendly solution because the same amount of fossil fuels are used to power electricity stations. However, these facilities apply more and more renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, meaning that the use of harmful materials will be more than offset in the nearest future.

All in all, electric vehicles shape the future of travelling by combining improved car performance and reduced damage to the environment. These cars enable you to drive safely and conveniently wherever you wish. All it takes to rent an EV is to contact one of Enterprise Martinique agencies. Our fleet will impress you with electric cars having up to 400 km of battery range.