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Best electric car rentals in Martinique

Why not rent an electric car on the Martinique island the next time you are on vacation or go on a business trip in the area?

With Enterprise Martinique, one of the most reputable electric car rental companies in Martinique, you can show your respect for the environment while traveling by a green vehicle and not using public transport.

Owing to the range of our deals on electric car hire in Martinique, you no longer need to go to a service station to fill up your vehicle with fossil fuels that are harmful to you as well as the environment.

In 2017 Enterprise Martinique decided to take a crucial step towards the protection of the environment and well-being of its customers by adding an option of electric car rentals in Martinique. That is why we now introduce famous Renault Zoé.

Most attractive Martinique electric car rental costs

With our extensive network of Martinique electric car rental agencies available on the island, it’s up to you to take advantage of the best offers even for green vehicles.

Do you need a comfortable car for a day trip? Are you willing to go green and have an eco-friendly vacation? Do you care about the future and need a vehicle for doing business when your own one is being serviced?

Do not hesitate to contact us and show your respect for the environment by renting an electric vehicle.

At our agencies, you can rent a car for any period you want. Whether you need a vehicle for several days or a couple of hours, our fleet of affordable electric car rentals in Martinique is the excellent solution. We offer the most attractive prices for all your needs with Renault Zoé half-day rental options for €25 only.

Hire a green car

Battery range and chargingstations

It should be noted that Martinique stretches 75 km in length and 35 km in width. Thus, the range of 400 km makes sure your battery won’t run out. In fact, one has to drive a car without any break with radio and A/C on for more than 24 hours to cover 400 km in Martinique in one day. This is almost impossible on the island. However, even if you’re planning to make such a trip, a large network of EV charging stations is being built in Martinique today.

It is our partner Green Technologie that carries out the project of charging terminals installation so that there will be no more than 15 km between different stations.

Besides, Enterprise Martinique has its own network of EV charging stations installed directly on the airport parking lot.

By recharging your car so that it has at least 50% of charge every day, you can be sure your battery won’t run down all of a sudden.

Why choose Enterprise Martiniquewhen renting an electric car?

  • Available option of renting Renault Zoé, the benchmark of the whole EV fleet
  • Comfort of using an electric vehicle when enjoying your vacation in Martinique
  • Network of charging stations being developed
  • Team of knowledgeable local specialists at your service
  • Great deals and discounts
  • Cheap electric car hire in Martinique